Happy Mother’s Day 2020!

Happy Mother’s Day 2020 to all my readers! If you are a mother, I hope you get to spend this day with your children. If your mother is still alive, I hope you get to spend this day with her. I know with the COVID-19 Pandemic, this may not be possible, but I hope you can at least virtually spend time with your family today.

As I reflect on this mother’s day, I am so thankful for my three children: my first born daughter, Claire, who I experienced in my belly for 21 weeks and a short while in my arms; my first born son, CJ, who is now four years old and the light of my world; My third child, Baby Girl C, who is in my belly now and will be here at the end of next month!

I am thankful to my mother who left this Earth almost five years ago. Today is also her birthday and she would have been 62 today! I miss her everyday but I am so thankful for the time I did have with her. If you lost your mother like me, I hope you reflect on the amazing memories you shared.

I know if has been awhile since I blogged so wanted to provide an update on my life before I end this post. So I mentioned in my last post that I was laid off of my job on March 6, 2020. I ended up being unemployed for six weeks before I found a new job! I truly started to feel discouraged looking for a job because I knew I was in the third trimester of pregnancy and many jobs would not want someone that far along who would be off work on maternity leave soon. During my time off, I did get to finish chapter 1 of my second book and start chapter 2. I also finished the introduction of my thesis and started my literature review section. I completed six LinkedIn courses in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Quickbooks Online, and Microsoft Power BI Desktop. I practiced meditations for finding a job. It was a great six weeks of reflection and learning. So for the job I have now, I was invited to take an Excel assessment test on Friday, April 17th which I passed. The company decided to interview me that next Tuesday, April 21st and the interview went well. They contacted my recruiter that same night and wanted me to start the next day Wednesday, April 22nd. I have been working there for three weeks and I truly enjoy this job! The job is different from my previous job but there are many aspects that are similar. I look forward to learning and growing in this role while I am there.

I hope you all are staying safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. If you are an essential worker, like me, who has to go into work, please take all the recommended precautions. I thank God for all you do!

No matter what situation we have in life, we have faith that God is with us and will see us through! And So It Is! Thank you, God!

New Life 2020!

Happy March All! I hope all is well with you all! Are any of you participating in the Lenten Season? If you are following my Facebook page, I have been using the Unity booklet, Fasting and Feasting, for Lent! It lists a different statement with accompanying article each day. It starts with a Fast statement for one day and the next day is the related Feast statement. Sunday is the only day there is no Fast or Feast statement but it does provide an article. Whatever you are doing for Lenten, whether it focuses on the more spiritual aspects like me or if you are more traditional, I wish you much success in your intentions for this season!

So why did I title this post, “New Life 2020?” Well, it looks like I have to start a new life that I was not expecting this year. Earlier this month, I was laid off from my job after almost ten years on the job. I was devastated of course because I really enjoyed my job. Now, I feel like I have to start over with another job. I have started my job search and let me tell you, this is an adventure for sure. To top all this off, I am currently six months pregnant so this poses even more of a challenge to my job search. Also, with the COVID-19 Pandemic, life can seem messy right now.

With all going on in my life, I have felt discouraged but I am taking time to become centered with my God Self. I remind myself that God is with me no matter what happens so I should not fear! I will overcome all my challenges and all will be well! I will find the perfect job position for me that will pay me more and provide better benefits than my previous job! I will have my baby on or around my birthday and receive the best 32nd birthday gift!

Thankfully, my past job provided generous severance pay so I am able to care for me and my family while I search for a new job. My ‘Graduates in Action’ page for the University of Metaphysics should be posted very soon! I am taking time to clean my house, work on my baby’s room, work on my Master’s thesis and work on second eBook!

I find time enough for all I desire to accomplish! I feast on moving forward! For this, I give thanks! I let it be so! And So It Is! Thank you, God!


Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year 2020! I hope you all brought in the New Year with your loved ones in excitement and anticipation for the year 2020! What accomplishments from 2019 are you proud of? What are the goals for 2020 that you look forward too?

I wanted to point out a few accomplishments I am proud of from 2019. I became ordained as a New Thought Metaphysical Minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry and completed my Bachelor of Metaphysical Science degree in 2019! I was a Guest Speaker at Unity of Columbia for the first time ever in 2019! Those are only a few of my favorite accomplishments.

As I look forward to 2020, I plan to finish my Master thesis so I can gain my Master of Metaphysical Science degree and start my Doctor of Ministry in New Thought ministry dissertation. I plan to finish and self-publish my second ebook, Metaphysics of a Dead Bookkeeper. Those are only a few of my goals for 2020. Even if I don’t accomplish all my goals, I will enjoy the process and progress that I will make.

Make 2020 one of the best years of your life! And So It Is! Thank you, God!

Happy Thanksgiving 2019!

Happy Thanksgiving 2019 to all of you! I hope you get to spend this day with great family, friends, and food! I am so thankful for your presence in my life!

This past Sunday, we had our Thanksgiving message and meal at Unity of Columbia. It turned out to be an amazing day of delicious food! The spiritual message provided by Rev. DeBorah Ogiste was exactly what I needed to hear. She talked about how we should transcend the sadness of those who have transition and be thankful that we have amazing memories with those individuals. It made me think about how sad I felt missing my parents, especially my mom since she also transitioned in the month of November. I am now reflecting on all the amazing memories I had with my parents. They were both big on celebrating Thanksgiving. We often went out of town during this time. We spent a lot of time together as a family and I will always cherish those memories.

This year, I am thankful for everything in my life, the good and the not so good. They all are a part of my journey. My four-year-old son is over here watching me type this message. I am so thankful for him. I am so thankful for everyone who has touched my life in any way. I have no regrets because I believe that everything happens for a reason.

I will end this message so I can get back to enjoying all that I am thankful for on this day! I pray you all have a fabulous day and that you start the season of Advent with a joyful heart!

The Power of Affirmations!

Happy Saturday Loves! I hope you all have enjoyed the month of October so far. Halloween will be here soon and the month of October will be over before we know it. This month has been wonderful for me!

On Sunday, October 20th, I was the Guest Speaker at Unity of Columbia which I announced in my last post! My title was: “The Power of Affirmations!” I believe my first Guest Speaking experience was amazing. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I received so much love and positive feedback from my spiritual family on my talk. Many of them said the message I provided was exactly what they needed to hear. They loved my energy and told me that I was a great speaker who should speak more often. I still feel like I am in a daze from the experience. I am thankful for the support provided by my family as well. My fiance and son supported me that day like they always do when I am a platform assistant. Two of my sisters drove down from the Charlotte area to watch me which really made my day. Overall, the experience reminded me why I wanted to become ordained as a minister which is to use the power of God within me to help others and myself.

I wanted to share my talk for those who could not make it. I hope something I include will inspire you in some way!
I will discuss what affirmations are from a New Thought perspective, how I have used affirmations in my daily life, and how we all can incorporate different categories of affirmations in our daily lives.
So let’s begin with a few definitions of affirmations. The universe knew I wanted to give a talk on affirmations. Once I found out I could give a talk I considered talking about affirmations since I love using affirmations. Then on August 30th, the Unity facebook page posted an article titled ‘Unity Spiritual Tool Affirmations’. I know that was spirit confirming this was the perfect topic for me to speak about. I love how synchronicity works.
Charles Fillmore, cofounder of Unity, defines in the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary that an “affirmation is a positive statement of Truth.” The Unity Spiritual Tool Affirmations article defines an “affirmation as a declaration of spiritual truth, supporting us in the way an anchor holds a boat steady in its position on the water. An affirmation is a claim on truth, our demand on truth to establish itself in mind and heart.”
Most of the time in Unity, when we see affirmations, they are partnered with denials. The Unity Spiritual Tool Affirmations tells us “denials clear away or release a false belief followed by an affirmation by affirming an important truth. Together, they are a valuable and rewarding tool.” Charles Fillmore explains in the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary that denials should not be made with too much emphasis. They should be like sweeping cobwebs away. I won’t spend time discussing denials today but it was important to mention them.
According to Unity minister, Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett, in Unity Spiritual Tool Affirmations: “an effective affirmation is not wishful or magical thinking and this is very important to note. It is not a prediction of how things will turn out. Rather, it is a statement of what is true here and now.” Eric Butterworth, popular Unity minister and my personal favorite Unity author, explains in his book, The Universe is Calling: Opening to the Divine Through Prayer: “Now let’s become clear about the practice of affirmation. It is not a verbal attempt to make something happen. It is not important many times we repeat a statement or how loudly or softly the statement is said, or if you use even state them out loud. The important thing is to get ourselves into a ‘YES’ consciousness, synchronized with the inner flow of God. Affirmations are very simply the means by which we get in tune with the divine flow.”
Affirmations can be found everywhere we look especially within New Thought but also other religions and secular platforms. There are affirmations based on the 12 powers of man on the banners on the walls at Unity of Columbia. Unity has a page dedicated to Affirmations at unity.org/prayer/affirmations. It lists five different categories of affirmations each month. I printed a copy of the October affirmations from the Unity website and provided to the audience. In addition to the monthly affirmations, the page lists affirmations in categories like Guidance, Prosperity, Harmony, Protection, Inner Peace, and Healing. Go check out the web page if you are needing a short positive statement to help you through any situation in life. I included the website address. When I am a platform assistant at Unity of Columbia, I read the Absolute Word message which always has an affirmation that we repeat together as a congregation. If you have a Daily Word subscription, there is an affirmation for each Daily Word passage. Have any of you ever subscribed to the Science of Mind magazine? I used to love getting those magazines in the mail. They were filled with so much wisdom. Each monthly magazine lists affirmations in the front of the magazine as well as in the daily focus passages. Affirmations can be found in many New Thought songs and even in popular songs. I enjoy listening to Karen Drucker because many of her songs are affirmations. Affirmations are also found in the Bible. Jesus speaking as the Christ gives many affirmations in the book of John with the I AM statements. He states, I am the bread of life… (John 6:35 NRSV). I am the light of the world… (John 8:12 NRSV)). I am the true vine… (John 15:1 NRSV)). I am the resurrection and the life… (John 11:25 NRSV). Many affirmations start with “I AM” because “I AM” is the name for God.
Most of you know I recently became an ordained minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry earlier this year through the University of Metaphysics online seminary. So when I was completing my Bachelor of Metaphysical Science Studies, the emphasis on Affirmations was significant. In this program, I studied and was tested on 48 modules and most modules provided many affirmations that went with the topics. Dr. Paul Leon Masters, founder of the International Metaphysical Ministry, defines “affirmations as self-programming in a sense that when we use affirmations, we are programming our subconscious mind to maintain a positive, conscious, and aware attitude in the surface or conscious mind.”
Now that I have given a few definitions of affirmations from different viewpoints and where we can find affirmations, I will discuss briefly how I use affirmations in my professional life. I graduated from Claflin University with my degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. All I know after I graduated was that I wanted a job in accounting. I graduated with high honors so I certainly enjoyed my accounting classes. Before I graduated, I found the Unity spiritual path so I was doing a lot of exploring. I was reading all kinds of Unity books, watching videos and listening to podcasts. So I was looking for work, and was offered to apply to a position as a Financial Data Analyst. I looked at the description and saw that I would have to analyze data and learn the computer programming language Audit Command Language (ACL). Now I was thinking I went to school to be an accountant, not a programmer but I felt like I was up for the challenge so I took the job. The training for ACL was intense. I felt very discouraged the first week of training. I started doubting my abilities. What was I thinking believing that I could learn this computer programming language? I am not smart enough to learn this. Learning a programming language is like learning a foreign language. I had to realize that I was blocking the flow of God. I was operating from my EGO consciousness. I was Edging God Out. I knew I needed to transform my consciousness in order to grasp the material I was learning. Affirmations were one of the first practices I acquired when I found Unity. I needed to apply what I was learning. I repeated affirmations for inner peace, faith, harmony, and guidance from my new found path of Unity and the greater New Thought movement. One affirmation I focused on was: “I have the power of God within me, therefore I can accomplish any task before me.” Like Eric Butterworth explained, through my affirmations, I had to change my consciousness into a “YES” consciousness to allow God to flow through me. I had to remember who I was: An expression of the divine. It took a year, but I did learn the ACL programming language and analyzing data. I advanced my skills and was promoted to team lead after 3 years on the job. A year after that, I moved on to be the team lead of the largest team at my job. We have since switched to using Oracle MYSQL programming language but operating from the foundation of my God Essence, I have accomplished many great things at my job.
Affirmations are truly a blessing for me. I am a busy woman working sometimes more than 40 hours a week, especially during the busy season. Sometimes, I do not have time to say a long prayer. This is why I love affirmations because they are quick but very powerful. I often record myself saying affirmations and then listen to myself at my desk. I even keep affirmations at my desk at work so if I get frustrated with a project, I can look over and see an affirmation and remind myself that God is here and all is well. So I wanted to suggest to you today to incorporate affirmations in your life. You don’t have to be a student of Unity or New Thought to use affirmations. You don’t even need to believe in God to use affirmations. All you need to believe in is your higher self. As I was studying for my first degree at the University of Metaphysics, we had to create our own affirmations during the exam. My challenge to you is to write your own affirmations. When we write our own affirmations, they truly come from our individual God essences. They are the most genuine affirmations because they were revealed directly to us.

For this, we give thanks! And So It Is!

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! I am so thankful for this extra day off of work! I appreciate those in the labor movement who worked hard so that I can enjoy many of the benefits I have at work!

I hope you all are starting September off in a positive light. My last week of August was not the best. I was sick last week from something that I ate. I had so much stomach pain that I had to take myself to the ER to make sure it was nothing more serious. I thank God that is was not more serious. Now, I Am Healed In Body, Mind, And Spirit! And So It Is!

I have great news to share! I will be busy this month writing a spiritual message! I finally have an opportunity to give a spiritual message at Unity of Columbia on October 20th! I will provide the title of the talk and additional details once I have completed my speech. If you are in the Columbia area, I hope you will come to Unity of Columbia @ 11 am on Sunday, October 20th to hear me speak! I am so excited to connect with my God power through meditation as the perfect words of this spiritual talk are produced.

I hope you all have a great September! I Am So Grateful For Your Presence In My Life! And So It Is! Thank You, God!

No Limits!

Happy August! I hope this month has been great for all of you! I just completed a major accomplishment for my job/career this month! I passed the Alteryx Designer Advanced Exam so I am now Advanced Certified in Alteryx Designer! Alteryx Designer is a data analysis tool that was created to make advanced data analytics more manageable for users. I find this tool to be amazing. I am able to accomplish many tasks at work faster than before.

In all honesty, it took me five times to pass this test. While I felt like giving up so many times, I knew that was not an option. My test score went up to a 77 the second time and 78 the third time. I rushed the fourth time I took it and my score went down to a 60. I was devastated but I told myself I just needed to relax. I needed to remind myself that the Power of God is within me so I can pass this test. I waited a month before taking the test again. I made sure to meditate that morning so I was feeling empowered. I took that test with confidence and I passed it with a 86!

This experience reminded me about how I was as an adolescent. I would often see students in advanced classes and wonder what those students had that I did not have to be so smart. I feel like I had a sort of awakening experience where I realized that they were no better than me. Anything they can do I can do to if I truly wanted to do it. From that moment on, I started to apply myself and eventually ended up in a few honors classes as well. I graduated high school with high honors and was even offered a full scholarship to college. At that time, I was not on my spiritual path yet but I feel like I used the God power within me without even realizing it.

I wanted to share this experience because there is no limit to what we can do in our lives.  These experiences have inspired me as I am developing my thesis statement so I can start writing my thesis. I am so excited to get on this next step in my spiritual journey.

Through the God Power Within Me, I See Myself As A Master In Metaphysical Science! I Let It Be So! And So It Is! Thank you, God!